London Town Late Bloomers


London Town Late Bloomers

11″ x 14″

Original Oil  Copyright 2009  Linda M. Anderson

This painting is a scene from the London Town Gardens in Edgewater, Maryland, on the South River five miles from the Chesapeake Bay.  After our three children were grown, my husband Perry encouraged me to pursue my love of painting.  The late blooming flowers in the garden reminded me of my own life’s late “blooming”.

This painting is gallery wrapped and does not need a frame, although the 11″ x14″ standard size easily fits an off the shelf frame.


Perceptual Art

Love, hope and truth,

I perceive Your beauty,

will I remember Your reality,

when darkness falls all around?

I focus on Your presence,

with brush in hand,

creating an image

that brings me back to You.


Original paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolor.  Portrait drawings in charcoal.  Commissions accepted.