Cherry Blossom Time
Cherry Blossom Time


Cherry Blossom Time

20″ x  30″

Original Oil Painting copyright 2009 Linda M. Anderson

This painting comes framed with a 2 inch black wooden frame and ready to hang.


Perceptual Art

Love, hope and truth

I perceive Your beauty,

will I remember Your reality,

when darkness falls all around?

I focus on Your presence,

with brush in hand,

creating an image

that brings me back to You.

Linda M. Anderson



Original paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolor.  Portrait drawings in charcoal.  Commissions accepted.  Also, coming soon, digital acrylic painting lessons for students with step by step directions to paint studies of masterwork paintings in the public domain.  I believe each person has a creative self as unique as their own signature.