Posting Guidelines


It’s our mission to give artists a platform to connect with fans and customers locally by sharing their talent and artwork. We want to be a place where artists of all kinds who strive to make the world a better place can do so easily by sharing their diverse talent and skills.

We highly regard their safety and the safety of every person who uses whether they are logged in or simply browsing our site anonymously. For that reason, we’ve established the standards outlined here. These guidelines will help you understand what users are allowed to share on and what can be reported to us and removed. Because our community is diverse and artistic in nature, some things that may be regarded as disturbing or less than agreeable to you may not violate our policies and standards. So, please read carefully to fully understand our guidelines.

Intellectual Property was created specifically for people to share their original art and talent with others. You own all of the content you post on It is extremely important that you respect legal rights, copyrights, and trademarks. So, please make sure you have the right to post content before you do so.

You retain the original copyright of all the content you upload onto including posts, text, descriptions, images, audio files, video, reviews, and articles. By accessing the site and uploading content, you agree to grant worldwide non-exclusive rights to republish said content for the purposes of promoting or providing benefit to the web community and properties of

This license extends to any promotional tool and is granted for the reasonable marketing lifetime of said promotional tool. wishes only to enhance the income and recognition of any and all artists who choose to utilize our services, and not to deprive them in any way. In order for us to address any issues arising out of our copyright policies, please send such requests for specific action including proof of copyright ownership to our legal division:
Attn: Guidelines/Policies
P.O. Box 199343
Redding, Ca 96001

What To Post and What Not To Post

Arts Row is a location-based service that aims to connect artists with the people closest to them. It is a venue created for artists that allows them to feature their original pieces of art or talent. Artists may post content in these four main genres: Fine Art, Performing Art, Craft Art, and Media Art.

Within each of the four genres, there are subcategories. Please browse specific genres here on for a thorough list of subcategories.

Prohibited items/postings include the following:

  1. drugs, prescription drugs, medical devices, controlled substances, and related items
  2. alcohol
  3. firearms, weapons, stun guns, spear guns, etc..
  4. chemicals
  5. stolen items
  6. tobacco
  7. illegal items
  8. spam, miscategorized, over posted, or non-local items
  9. hazardous materials
  10. pirated materials
  11. adult material, erotica, pornography, child pornography, bestiality, or prostitution
  12. explosives, fireworks, ammunition, clips, cartridges, reloading materials, gunpowder
  13. items that violate the Arts Row Posting Guidelines
  14. anyone’s personal data, identifying, confidential or proprietary information
  15. pirated materials, counterfeit items, tickets, gift cards or replicas
  16. stolen property
  17. misrepresented items, works of art, talents or events
  18. items that are not in your possession
  19. items designated for mature audiences due to language, content, or imagery that does not adhere to the acceptable standards for broadcast television and were not clearly labeled “mature” for the audiences’ sake.
  20. live animals, pet sales, animal parts
  21. any artwork, talent, skill, content, good, or service that violates the law, the legal rights of others , or the policies and guidelines of

General Safety

We remove some or all content, disable user accounts and assist law enforcement when it is believed there is a genuine and real risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety.

We investigate and review any report of threatening language directed at public or personal safety. We remove threats of theft, vandalism, financial harm, self-injury, and suicide. We do not allow the promotion of such threats in any way and we work with organizations to assist people in distress. We prohibit content that promotes, encourages or rejoices in any type of self-injury, mutilation, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorders or the likes of which cause physical or mental harm or injury to anyone. We don’t consider modifications to a person’s body as mutilation or self-injury as long as it is safe and does not promote, encourage, or rejoice in any of the aforementioned prohibited content. We do remove posts or content that identifies those people who have survived self-injury or suicide as well as any content that targets them for attack, whether it’s serious or humorous. Any user, however, is welcome to post comments, artworks, or information about talent-related events that attempt to inform others about getting help for or healing from self-injury and suicide as long as it doesn’t promote, encourage or rejoice in any of these things.

We don’t allow or support any organizations engaged in terrorist activity or criminal activity. We remove content that expresses support of any such groups, individuals or organizations. We remove content of any kind that condones such organizations’ violent or criminal activities. However, we do wish to point out that we understand much of history’s artwork has risen out of human plight, pain, experience, and social issues and that some content may depict these human experiences of the past, present and future, but we ask that all users show respect and sensitivity towards each other and that they also understand that we retain the right to remove artistic content that may attempt to explain, understand, or share the plight of terrorism and criminal activity if we feel it violates our guidelines.

We do not allow harassment or bullying by any user. You have the freedom to speak freely about any artist and any posted subject matter, work of art, talent, or skill, however, we remove content that intentionally degrades or shames any individual or artwork, talent or skill. We also remove any un-altered or altered content aimed at degrading, shaming or blackmailing private individuals or their friends, family or businesses. In addition, we investigate any unwanted repeated messaging or harassment. Anyone who violates these guidelines will be prohibited from using and may be reported if it is deemed necessary.

We understand and support the satire often seen in artists’ depictions of public figures, but will remove credible threats to public figures as well as hate speech directed at them.

We prohibit any and all use of our site to promote or celebrate criminal activity either committed or to be committed by you or anyone else that causes physical harm to people, businesses or animals. Alternatively, we do allow artistic renditions of social issues such as war, so long as they abide by the guidelines, terms and conditions, and policies set forth here on

We do not allow any content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. We will remove any content that depicts sexual violence, solicitation of sexual material, sexual content involving minors, solicitation of sex, or images including, but not limited to sexually violent or exploitive photographs and videos in order to provide protection for all people.
We prohibit any content that offers sexual services including prostitution, escort services, sexual massages, and photographed or filmed sexual activity.

We prohibit the unauthorized sale or trade of illegal or legal drugs including marijuana. also does not allow the sale of alcohol, tobacco, adult products or firearms.

Character and Behavior

People use as a place to freely share their artwork and talent. We realize you may encounter content that doesn’t appeal to you or that you may not deem artistic, but it is the diversity, breadth and depth of the content on that makes it a rich and interesting platform. So, in order to allow it to remain that way, we allow a variety of topics to be represented here. However, we want to assure you that we will remove sensitive content from time to time in order to provide a safe and welcome service to the public and all users. Since artists have the ability to link to their personal website or other social media accounts, we encourage them to share more sensitive content on platforms that allow for that.

It is important to note that our users may sometimes share content containing nudity. An artist’s depiction of nudity through the use of many different types of mediums such as paint, clay, wood, etc… is considered a natural and acceptable part of artistic expression and creative license. We may allow nudity for some artistic, humorous and satirical purposes so long as it is not a video or photograph of a person or people. However, at this time, we restrict the display of nudity in instances where real life photos display male or female genitals, female breasts and nipples, or any person who has transformed their body from one gender to another. This does not include breastfeeding women, males who have not altered their breasts in order to change their sexual orientation, or photos displaying post-mastectomy chest and breast areas. Images or representations of sexual intercourse are prohibited.

We remove any content delivered by way of text, artwork, video, or any other medium that attacks people because of their sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, national or political affiliation or allegiance, disability or disease.

Art by nature has been used to challenge many of life’s practices, ideas, situations and conditions. We allow and encourage the artistic expression of life as a human and its many challenges. However, as a community of diverse people whom we deeply wish to honor and keep safe, we may remove content in any form or medium that includes or promotes any forms of hate speech, hate images, violence or the celebration of violence, graphic images of human abuse, terrorism or depictions of hate. We are keenly aware that many people choose to deal with tragedy or bring awareness to misfortune, plight or hate by expressing it through artistic means. We understand and support the expression and healing of these kinds of life events through the use of art, but if the content in any way violates the policies set forth herein by, it will be removed.

Safety Regarding Your Personal Account Information

We do everything in our power to ensure the safety and security of your account and personal information. We do not share, rent or sell your information to any third party at any time (Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more on your personal information and safety). Using another person’s information as your own, publishing another artist’s original work or talent as your own, or knowingly using someone else’s name in place of your own is prohibited.

In addition, having multiple profiles is not allowed. Like many artists, you may be gifted with several artistic abilities or talents. If so, we applaud you and welcome you to list each one on your individual talents on your profile with separate category labels to ensure that users find you when they search for an artist with a specific product or talent that you possess. In this way, they’ll be able to learn about all your other amazing skills and products too.

Hold Harmless

By viewing or using any portion of or by completing any transaction offline with any artist who is affiliated with whether that transaction originated or did not originate via, you agree to hold harmless, its subsidiaries, employees, agents and assigns including all officers, directors or partners from any claim resulting from violation of this agreement, accessing this site or engaging in any transaction or interaction stemming from the access of this site.

Resolving Disputes

Please contact through our Contact Page regarding disputes that pertain to or involve the users of or itself. We will be happy to assist you in determining the best course of action. If any dispute, claim or event arises between one or more users and or between users and a 3rd party, will be considered free of any and all claims, damages or demands stated by the dispute. is not obligated to resolve any disputes between users and other parties.

A Note From Us Here At Arts Row

We here at the company wish to provide a superior experience and maintain a safe, location-based, O2O (online to offline) search and discovery service. We are continually working to improve our site and that includes creating ways that will allow you to tailor your experience by better filtering and/or accessing the content you wish to see. We appreciate and welcome your continued support and communication as we grow to meet your needs and we expect that our users will share responsibly and with integrity while using the guidelines set forth by as their manual. In the future, we hope to offer many more features and look forward to growing art entrepreneurship with you as our partners.