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Artsrow – 2016 Year in Review

Artsrow – 2016 Year in Review

2016 was the first year of Artsrow, and what a fun and wild ride it’s been! There’s much on the horizon for the year ahead, and we’re looking forward to rising to the occasion. We’ve welcomed 100’s of American artists and have collected viewers from around the globe.

Throughout this past year we discovered how truly gratifying it is to uplift and highlight the hardworking, talented creators in our amazing country. We remain honored daily to be able to share the fruits of their labor with the world.And we’ve learned something else unexpectedly from the artists who have open-heartedly joined us on this journey. Whether they’re creating their works in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles like Laura Schuler or from the quietude of Southington, Connecticut like Steven G, Graff, the collective spirit has continued to be the same. There is an enduring hope, passion, and drive to keep following their hearts and use their gifts to better the world.To give you an example of how unwavering their pursuit is, you have to look no further than at the hard work Nigel Skeet is putting into his incredible, one-of-a-kind non-profit, Homeless Rock Stars. He has transformed lives with his talent by photographing the homeless after he and his team transform them into rock stars. He is proof that together we are stronger and better as a community and as a country. And because we’re inspired by him and so many more, our goal in the coming year is to add features that will allow even better communication and profitability between artists and patrons.

And to all the fans and patrons who use Artsrow to connect to local artists, we’d like to say thank you. In supporting the Artsrow community, you support the smallest of small businesses, artist entrepreneurs who are using their talents to pursue their dreams. Your dedication to continue supporting your local economy by purchasing from or hiring your gifted artist neighbors is a testament to your character as much as it to those artists who wish to make your life more joyful, beautiful or functional with their creations.

So here’s to you in 2017 and beyond. We may not know where we will be, but we know great things are yet to come for us and for the Artsrow community.

CEO/Founder – Artsrow


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